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2017 World Scholar's Cup Hanoi

In late June our World Scholar’s Cup team comprised of Cindy Chuang (10th grade), Chrissie

Gross (10th grade) and Christine Ho (12th grade) went to a Global Round in Hanoi, Vietnam. Over our stay in Vietnam, our team enjoyed many aspects of the competition and of the culture. They met and mingled with scholars from many of the 40 countries represented and found that even the most impressive scholars were still humble. They enjoyed the food and how calm and laid back the Vietnamese people seemed as they sat on stools on the sidewalk despite the chaotic traffic. The team visited the Hoa Lo Prison Museum and the Women’s Museum, giving each student an appreciation for the history and culture of Vietnam. The team also learned a lot about what makes a good scholar and how they can improve in the future. They enjoyed seeing different styles of debate and being challenged in all parts of the competition. Thinking about joining World Scholar’s Cup? As Chrissie says, “The only thing you can do is your best and your best will always be different from someone else's. Give it all you got and try to step out of your comfort zone, you are probably not as bad as you think you are (this applies for both the academic and socializing aspect of the program)! And yes, there is a lot of work that goes into World Scholar's Cup, but you don't know if you'll like it until you try it! So if you're thinking about joining, JOIN!”

Although this in no way sums up their accomplishments, below is a list of the metals the team won. Great job, scholars!


Team Awards: Silver: Scholar’s Bowl Silver: Collaborative Writing Individual Awards: Chrissie Gross Silver: Arts Silver: Literature Cindy Chuang Gold: Writing Silver: Science Christine Ho Gold: History Silver: Debate Scholar Silver: Writing Silver: Overall Scholar


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