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2017 Prom

This year, HAS held its prom in Fleur Lis. Student Council spent a vast amount of time preparing for the event and everyone agreed that it paid off!

The theme was Beauty and the Beast. The decorations were absolutely phenomenal and everyone dressed the part. Some students even dressed in the classic Belle outfit, complete with a book under the arm!

All attendees voted on a few superlatives and the winners were called to the front and presented with crowns and roses. The winners were:

King of the Castle - Steven Wu

Belle of the Ball - Ashley Ho

Prom Prince - Thomas Liu

Prim Princess - Angela Chen

Life of the Party - Wilfred Hu

Party Pooper - Mr. Donnelly

After everyone stuffed themselves on the wonderful spread of food, the music took over and students danced the night away with occasional trips to the free photo booth to capture memories of this amazing evening. Everyone had a ball at an event that was truly a great way to wrap up the year!


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