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2017 Spring Fair

Ah Spring Time! The time of the year our school holds their annual Spring Fair where students come together from the middle and high school with various foods to eat and games to play. The school provided booths, musics, and even a bouncy castle which was lots of fun. There were also performances from our very own students that were absolutely spectacular! The day began with students arriving at 9 AM of a Saturday morning (which was quite tiring). Students from every grade helped with setting up the whole spring fair from moving tables to putting out the trash bins!

The middle school had a wide variety of food and drinks to try out, 8th graders’ booth was promoting and selling the Taste of Taiwan - bubble tea, also lemon jelly drinks, and even Ice cream with Waffles. Many of the other middle school grades made some fantastic food too, like kebab and a Japanese themed booth with many games to play as well!

The high school didn’t do too bad either, 9th graders sold some rather successful soda with dry ice to make it look super cool. The 10th graders had made two booths one selling cheesy fries and they also sold some Ice cream floats. The 11th graders sold some hot dogs as well as some tomatoes with whipped cream. The seniors made some pretty good desserts from brownies and various other chocolate coated snacks that would make anyone want one or even ten.

The performances that our students gave were also exceptional from Thomas Liu (guitar god) and Spencer Yao (11th) we got a guitar duo that was fantastic. There were also singing performances from Dana Tils(10th) and Chrissie Gross(10th). We also got some singing performances from Amy and Anson who were also amazing during their performances. By the time these incredible performances ended the fair was all but over at 2PM.

All the students helped clean up the mess that we made from the fair in a quick 30 minutes or so, the fair was cleared off its chairs, tables, and trash. Students still lingered as they talked amongst themselves about all the things that happened during Spring Fair, the people they got to see and the food they got to eat. Overall this year turned out to be a rather good one, hopefully next year will be even better!


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