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2/24-25 Camping Trip

On February 24-25, the HAS Camping Club took its first trip of the year. Thirteen high school students, along with the club advisors, travelled by van to Yong Mao Forest Village in Hsinchu County. There, the students set up tents, built a campfire, roasted marshmallows, went on hikes and had fun visiting with friends. It was a bit chilly, with the temperature hovering around 10 degrees; yet, the students still managed to have great time.

2/24-25 HAS露營社進行了今年第一次的露營活動。13名高中生和社團指導老師搭乘中巴,前往新竹縣永茂森林山莊露營區。學生在營區積極搭建帳篷、升起營火、烤棉花糖,還一同徒步探索森林步道,與好朋友盡情的談天說地,不話不聊。雖然天寒露重,學生們的熱情不減,共同感受自然的美好時光,露營活動讓學生的心更近了,除了體驗自然之美也得到了許多寶貴的經驗與美好回憶。

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