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2/23/2021 Grade 6 Class Reading Activity

As a pre-reading activity for the novel Iqbal, a story about child laborers in Pakistan, our 6th grade students needed to make as many paper bags as possible in 25 minutes. Students received 3.5 coupons for every plain bag produced and 7 coupons for every decorated bag. These coupons could be used in exchange for a class reward. After a discussion following this activity, students made good predictions on what the novel would be about.

在小說《 Iqbal》(關於巴基斯坦童工的故事)預讀活動中,我們讓6年級學生在25分鐘內盡最大努力去製作紙袋。 每個製作出來的普通紙袋可獲得3.5張優惠券,有裝飾的紙袋可獲得7張優惠券,學生們可以用 這些獲取來的優惠券交換班級獎勵。 在這個活動後的小說內容討論,學生們都對這本小說的做出了很好的預測呢!

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