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2/14 Life Long Learner Award

For the month of January, our middle school teachers wanted to acknowledge two students for the Lifelong Learner Award. Our first award recipient has shown high levels of consistency throughout his time in 8th grade. He works hard toward achievement of academic and personal goals, and participates in meaningful collaboration with his peers. Our second award recipient has shown commitment to progress and growth throughout the school year. He has always worked well with others and tried hard to achieve his academic goals by doing his best on all assignments. Congratulations to Espen Fu from the 8th grade and Eagle Chen from the 7th grade. We are proud of you!


中學老師一月份想表揚兩位獲得終身學習獎的學生。 第一位得獎者是8年級Espen Fu他的言行一致、表裡相應,他在學業上努力求進步,自律有禮且樂於助人。第二位得獎者是7年級的Eagle Chenp他對學習認真上進,善於與人合作、友愛同學。恭賀這二位同學,我們以你們為榮

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