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2/10 STEM - Stacking Card Activity

How to stack the cards high and stable? Calm down, and concentrate. In this activity, the teacher would like to train the patience and concentration of the students through the stacking card game and learns to overcome nervous hand tremors.

Seeing the students achieve their goals with proud smiles is a sense of accomplishment.

紙牌要如何疊得又高有穩呢?靜下心、冷靜、沉著、專心的... 老師藉由疊紙牌遊戲, 訓練學生們的耐心及專注力, 學習克服緊張導致的手抖

看到學生們達成目標洋溢著得意的笑容, 滿滿的成就感啊!!!

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