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2/1/2021 Global Citizen Award/Life Long Learner Award Winner

This month's Global Citizen Award winner is Yoyo Chen! Yoyo tries his best to speak English at all times and shows respect to his classmates and teachers. Great job, Yoyo!

This month's Life Long Learner Award winner is Steve Loo! Steve works hard in every class and participates in multiple extra-curricular activities, including MUN and Middle School Student Council. Congratulations Steve!

#HsinchuAmericanSchool #GlobalCitizenAward # LifeLongLearnerAward #Winner

本月的全球公民獎得主是Yoyo Chen! Yoyo一直努力開口說英語,並且遵守室課禮儀非常有禮貌,Yoyo真的表現得很棒呢! 本月的終身學習獎得主是Steve Loo! Steve在每一堂課都認真學習,並且參加了各種課外活動,包括模擬聯合國和學生會。讓我們一起為Steve Loo喝采! #新竹美國學校 #全球公民獎 #終身學習獎 #得獎者

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