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11/27 Camping Club

The HAS Camping Club🏕︎ took their second trip of the year on November 27-28 to Yong Mao Forest Village, a campground in the mountains above the Beipu Cold Springs. Nine students attended, and they had a great time setting up camp, cooking and eating food, listening to music, and maintaining a campfire. Everyone is looking forward to the next trip in the spring.

11月27日至28日新竹美國學校露營社團🏕︎進行了第二次的宿營活動,我們前往位於北埔冷泉上方山區的永茂森林村營地。 九位參與活動的學生們,一起搭建營地、做飯、吃東西、聽著音樂、維持著營火,度過了歡樂時光。 每個人都期待明年春天的露營。

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