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11/26 Thanksgiving Potluck

Last Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving at HAS. Students, parents and teachers all had a great time joining in the festivities and eating a delicious Thanksgiving lunch. We finished off the day by having a teachers versus students American football game. #HsinchuAmericanSchool #ThanksgivingPotluck

上週四,我們在新竹美國學校慶祝感恩節。學生、家長和老師們都共同參與活動,並享用了美味的餐點。 為了讓我們感恩節活動畫下完美的句點,老師以及學生們用餐後在足球場舉辦了師生美式橄欖球競賽。 #新竹美國學校 #感恩節餐會

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