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11/23 Winners For The 2020/2021 History Fair

The follow are the winners for the 2020/2021 History Fair:


【Elementary School】國小部 1st Place – Henry Gau 2nd Place – Angela Wen & Apple Lee 3rd Place – Jaylen Yeung Honorable Mention – Yoyo Chen, Chung Tai Lai, Gerald Leung, Hank Wang, and Simon Wu

【Middle School】中學部 1st Place – Kiki Chen 2nd Place – Lian Chang 3rd Place – Melody Liao Honorable Mention – Edison L. Chi Honorable Mention – Casey Chiu

【High School】高中部 1st Place – Mike Lin 2nd Place – Dasha Zaysteva 3rd Place – Sophie Su Honorable Mention – Andrew Chen Honorable Mention – Brenda Hsiao

Congratulation to our winners 恭喜所有得獎同學

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