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11/20 Elementary Field Trip Green World

Last Friday, the Elementary School took a field trip to Green World Ecological Farm. Green World is an animal and plant park that focuses on education and conservation. The students had an opportunity to see so many different plants and animals, including some endangered species! During the field trip, each group of students looked for interesting or exciting plants and animals. They recorded their observations to share with each other during Activity Club with Mr. Thompson. At the end of the morning, they also had the chance to pet alpacas. It was an exciting and educational morning, and the perfect way to celebrate the end of a long week.

上星期五,小學部的學生們到綠世界生態農場進行了戶外教學。 綠世界是一座動植物公園,園區致力於生態教育和保護。 學生們有機會看到許多不同種類的動植物,包括一些瀕臨滅絕的物種! 這次的戶外教學中,每組學生在園區中尋找老師學習單上指定有趣且讓人奮的動植物。 他們除了記錄下自己的觀察結果外,並在Mr. Thompson的課後活動時間裡分享收獲。 接近中午時分,他們還有機會去觸摸羊駝,這是一個令人興奮且充滿教育意義的早晨,也為漫長一周畫下完美的句點。

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