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11/16 Elementary School Field Trip

As a reward for all the students' hard work, the elementary kids took a trip to Manyueyuan National Park. 🌳 The day brimmed with discovery as the young adventurers immersed themselves in the park's lush, diverse vegetation. 🍃

Guided by seasoned park rangers, the children embarked on an engaging exploration of the park's botanical wonders. 🌿 Eager minds absorbed knowledge about native plants, from the towering Japanese cedar to the delicate ferns carpeting the forest floor. 🌲 Their curiosity bloomed as they learned about the unique characteristics and roles these plants play in the park's ecosystem. 🌺

However, this excursion wasn't solely about learning; it was about fostering a deep respect for nature. 🌍 The students embraced the 'Leave No Trace' initiative, understanding the significance of preserving the park's beauty for future generations. ♻️ With newfound understanding, they diligently ensured that their presence left no imprint, following guidelines to tread lightly and respect the natural environment. 👣

A highlight of the trip was the hands-on activity where the children crafted coasters from the aromatic Japanese cedar, a tree they had just learned about. 🌳🎨 #NatureEducation#LeaveNoTrace#botanicaladventure






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