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11/12 3rd Grade Social Study

In 3rd grade Social Studies, the students learned about economics. For their unit project, the class put together a business plan to open up a hot chocolate stand. For one full week, students and teachers were able to pre-order a cup of hot cocoa in preparation for Hot Chocolate Day on Wednesday, Nov. 11th. Their stand consisted of a menu, a poster using vocabulary words from the unit, and a hot chocolate sign. In addition, they created online advertisements as well as a work schedule to follow. At the end of each shift, the student counted his/her earnings. While this lesson was based on using human and capital resources as well as costs and benefits, it also mentioned the need to conserve our natural resources. This was already a topic they learned about in the previous unit, so the class came up with a plan. To help protect Earth's natural resources, students and teachers were asked to either bring in their own mugs from home or rent-a-mug for an additional small fee. This eliminated the use of nonreusable cups that would simply be thrown away. Furthermore, this project allowed 3rd graders to learn important student values at HAS which included being responsible, patient, respectful, flexible, cooperative, and having courage. All in all, it was great to see them run a small business for a full week. This project helped them learn first-hand why economics will always be an important aspect in their lives.

三年級社會課程中,學生在學習有關經濟學的單元,他們在班級訂定了一個商業計劃,在學校設立一個熱巧克力攤位。為期一週的時間,學生和老師們可以至攤位預購熱可可,為11月11日(星期三)的熱巧克力日做準備。 學生們共同討論製作攤位菜單、海報上使用的單位詞彙和熱巧克力招牌。除此之外,他們還建立了線上廣告及工作輪值表,每位學生在工作輪值結束時,都會統計自己的收入。 然而課程包含人力、資本資源以及成本和收益基礎概念外,同時也提到了環境保護的重要。在前一單元中他們學習到了環保,因此提出了一個計劃。為了幫助保護地球的自然資源,他們請求購買熱可可的學生和老師自帶杯子或支付少量費用來租用杯子,這樣就減少免洗杯的使用了。 此外,這個單元還希望三年級學生們能學習正確的價值觀,包括負責、耐心、尊重、靈活、合作和勇氣。總而言之,這一周很高興看到他們經營一家小型企業。由這個單元幫助孩子們第一手瞭解,為什麼經濟學在他們日常生活中如此的重要。 #新竹美國學校 #國小學生 #社會課 #經濟 #學習 #熱可可

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