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11/11 Lifelong learner Award

《Lifelong learner Award》

The Middle School, Lifelong Learner Award goes out to a student who has been nothing but kind to everyone around her. She keeps a good balance between learning and lifestyle and is an inspiration and role model to those around her. We're very excited to see her grow even more at HAS!

Congratulations to Astraea Liu!


中學部終身學習者獎,我們頒發給一位友善、謙虛有禮貌且待她人和善的學生。 她學習與生活兼顧,保持著良好的平衡,值得同學們學習,做為大家的榜樣。 很高興看到她在 HAS 成長得更多!

恭喜Astraea Liu!!

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