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10/9 Camping Club

Fourteen members of the HAS Camping Club headed up into the mountains on October 9 for their first camping trip of the year. The weather was great, with the club members getting the opportunity to go swimming in the river. The students ate a lot of great food, and even got the chance to tend a campfire and roast some marshmallows. Everyone is excited to plan the next trip of the year. #HsinchuAmericaSchool #CampingClub #Campfire


的露營天氣晴朗風光明媚,團員們藉這機會在河裡游泳,並且大啖美食,甚至參加營火晚會及烤棉花糖活動。 每個人都興奮地開始計劃起下一次露營活動呢! #l新竹美國學校 #露營社團 #營火晚會

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