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10/4 Character Growth


First grade is a very special transition period where students develop foundation skills that they will carry on and build upon for the rest of their lives. Therefore, teaching social skills and character growth becomes just as important as teaching content as part of our curriculum.

Congratulations to Luca Yang for "Showing Self-Control" both inside and outside of the classroom. Luca is prepared and shows a positive learning attitude everyday. He tries to communicate through his problems without letting his emotions control the situation.

Congratulations to Melinda Lett for receiving the "Kind Classmate" award. Melinda is helpful in guiding classmates to find the right answers for themselves. She speaks in a respectful manner and "disagrees without being disagreeable."

Well done, Luca and Melinda!

#charactergrowth #kindclassmate #selfcontrol #SEL



Luca Yang 無論是上課或下課,都能充份展現“自我管理”能力。學習態度積極的,每次遇到問題,他都會試著去溝通並解決他所遇到的問題,不為情緒所影響,恭喜Luca Yang獲得『角色成長-自我管理獎』

Melinda 跟同學相處融洽,平時樂於協助同學生活上及課業上的問題。說話方式有禮貌且尊重同學,恭喜Melinda獲得『角色成長-友愛同學獎』

Luca Yang和Melinda太棒了,以你們為榮!

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