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10/3 Global Citizen Award

We are very excited about our first Elementary School, Global Citizen Award! For the month of September, our theme was: Kindness. We looked for someone who is respectful toward their teachers and classmates, and whose actions and speech are intent on helping others. Our first award winner did just that and more. She was especially kind to the new students at our school and showed a great deal of patients towards her peers.


這個學期的第一位小學部全球公民獎得人出爐啦!九月推行的主題是『善良』,老師們留意於校園日常中,誰最能夠尊敬師長、友愛同學且樂於助人。這個月獲獎學生,認真負責且樂於助人,對新同學友善,老師們都她的表現優良,讚譽有加,恭喜 Clare Liu

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