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10/13 Cooking Club

Students in Cooking Club tested their cooking skills by making tacos this month! They learned that it's important to season your food well by adding a little at a time and tasting frequently. They also practiced their knife skills by shredding lettuce and dicing tomatoes and onions. Everyone had a good time making and eating their fill of this delicious meal!

這個月的烹飪社團,學生們透過墨西哥餅的製作來測試他們的烹飪技能! 他們了解到每次添加一點調味料並品嚐味道重要的是很重要的。 他們還切碎生菜、蕃茄洋蔥切塊來練習刀法,一起共度過了烹飪及享用美食的愉快的時光!

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