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10/12 AP Physics C

Today in AP Physics C, students performed an experiment in order to determine what properties of objects affect how fast they roll down a ramp. They rolled multiple objects, including batteries, rolls of tape, and even a bowling ball! Students predicted the final speed of the objects at the bottom of the ramp using conservation of energy. Then they measured the final speed using a stopwatch, a meter stick, and concepts learned in the kinematics unit. In their lab reports, students will compare their predicted speeds with the speeds they measured in the experiment.

#HsinchuAmericanSchool #APPhysics #ConservationOfEnergy

在今天大學物理先修課程中,學生們進行了一項實驗,為確定物體的屬性不同會影響物體滑下坡道的速度。 他們實驗滾動了多個不同物體,包括電池、膠帶捲,甚至還有一顆保齡球! 學生利用能量守恆定律,來預測物體滾動到坡道底部的最終速度。 然後他們使用碼錶,量尺和運動學單元學到的概念來測量最終速度。 最後他們將在實驗報告中,比較預測速度和實驗測量的速度二者的差異。

#新竹美國學校 #大學物理先修課程 #能量守恆

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