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【Romantic Period in HAS 】- Classical Music Club

【Romantic Period in HAS 】- Classical Music Club

As an aficionado of Frederic Chopin, Johnny Yang, the prince of piano, established the HAS Classical Music Club with our music professor Ms. Wu. After the 18th International Chopin Piano Competition 2021, Johnny Yang and Christopher Tung have devoted themselves to sharing Chopin’s pieces with the community. Even though they mainly delve into individual performances, they also appreciate concerto composition. Nowadays, most people only listen to contemporary music, so with the assistance of our esteemed Principal Mrs. Wilson, Johnny Yang created a brand new music club. In fact, in the 2021 HAS Winter Performance, Johnny Yang will perform several Chopin pieces and one piano-violin concerto with Christopher Tung. HAS and the Classical Music Club are looking forward to more members and preserving classical music history!

《浪漫與古典,盡在HAS》古典音樂社 現今流行音樂多為世人所喜愛,然而也不乏古典音樂愛好者。本校著名的鋼琴王子Johnny Yang便是鋼琴詩人蕭邦的追隨者。在校長Mrs. Wilson與音樂教授Ms. Wu 的協助,在新年度創立了HAS古典樂社,因應了2021第十八屆國際蕭邦鋼琴大賽。社長Johnny Yang 與小提琴大師Chris Tung一向善長於個人演奏,但他們為了努力推廣古典樂和大家分享,在Ms. Wu的指導下,進行多相蕭邦作品協奏,他們合作演出的樂聲動人悠揚,讓人陶醉。 今年的冬季表演,敬請期待他們二人的完美演出。 古典樂社團熱列招募新社員,歡迎有興趣的在校生加入

Gmail Ms. Wu (advisor): Johnny Yang (leader): Christopher Tung (co-leader):

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