10/21 Community Service-Traveling with people having special need

26th Sep. We collaborated with the Eden Social Welfare Foundation Volunteer Service, Traveling with people having special need. #HsinchuAmricanSchool #CommunityService 9/26 社區服務志工隊學生,參與伊甸基金會志工活動-陪伴身障者一同旅遊。 #新竹美國學校 #社區服務

10/16 Photography Students Took a Field Trip

HAS photography students took a field trip to Frog Rock Footpath and Waterfall on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020 in Jianshi Township. With cameras in hand, the budding artists made beautiful landscape images while enjoying an amazing autumn afternoon in the Taiwanese mountains. #HsinchuAmericanSchool #Photography #FrogRockFootpath 2020年10月15日(星期四)新竹美國學校攝影社團的學生們,抵達尖石鄉的青蛙石天空步道和瀑布進行戶外教學。 這些新秀藝術家們拿著相機,在台灣山區享受令人驚艷的秋天午後的同時,也補捉到了美麗的風景影像。 #新竹美國學校 #攝影 #青蛙石天空步道

10/16 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Information & Consent Form

Dear Parents/Guardians: The Hsinchu American School is working with the local health bureau to give seasonal influenza vaccination to your child at the school on November 5, 2020. This document is intended to inform you of the upcoming vaccination campaign and ask for your signed consent. All students are required to fill out the consent form. After reading the following information, please fill out the vaccination consent form and return it to Ms. Kelly (Room 301) before Tuesday, October 20th. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Sincerely, Hsinchu American School Admin Office 親愛的家長您好: 本校為配合本縣(市)衛生局合約醫療團隊於2020年11月5日為您的子女進行流感疫苗接種服務,特此通知並徵求您的同意,請您閱讀下列資訊後,無論是否接種,請將意願書於10月20日前交還給Ms. Kell

10/13 Poetry Slam

Poetry slam For the past two weeks, the HAS seniors have been writing their very own slam poems. These poems are reflections of triumphs and obstacles they have faced throughout their lives. The writing of these poems were helpful to their preparation for the college application essays as they reflect on their own identities and how their struggles and achievements have helped form who they are today. At the end of the two weeks on a Tuesday they performed their poems live in front of a crowd of HAS students and teachers after school. It was hard work memorizing the poems and preparing the performances. The anxiety was high before the performance, but the experience was unforgettable! #Hsinc

10/12 AP Physics C

Today in AP Physics C, students performed an experiment in order to determine what properties of objects affect how fast they roll down a ramp. They rolled multiple objects, including batteries, rolls of tape, and even a bowling ball! Students predicted the final speed of the objects at the bottom of the ramp using conservation of energy. Then they measured the final speed using a stopwatch, a meter stick, and concepts learned in the kinematics unit. In their lab reports, students will compare their predicted speeds with the speeds they measured in the experiment. #HsinchuAmericanSchool #APPhysics #ConservationOfEnergy 在今天大學物理先修課程中,學生們進行了一項實驗,為確定物體的屬性不同會影響物體滑下坡道的速度。 他們實驗滾動了多個不同物體,包括電池、膠帶捲,甚至

10/12 Volleyball Game

Our girls volleyball team did a great job getting low, serving high and fast, and helping each other out on and off the court at the game against Morrison Academy Taipei. With it only being the second game of the season, the girls are off to a great start! Well done wolves! #HsinchuAmericanSchool #Volleyball #VolleyballTeam 這場比賽中,我們的女子排球隊在低、高位和快速發球,都表現的相當出色的表現。中場也與台北莫里森學院的球員們互相幫助。 由於這只是本賽球季的第二場比賽,女子排球隊有了一個很好的開始。實在太棒了呀!小狼們 #新竹美國學校 #排球 #悱球隊

10/8 Volleyball Game

On Thursday October 8th, the Girl’s Volleyball Team played their first game against Taipei American School (TAS). The team showed great sportsmanship on and off the court. Go Wolves! #HsinchuAmericanSchool #VolleyballTeam #Volleyball 10月8日(星期四)女子排球隊與台北美國學校(TAS)進行了首場比賽。 無論在場內、場外我們都表現出了出色的運動員精神。小狼們加油! #新竹美國學校 #排球隊 #排球

10/8 Carlton Hotel Lunch Box At HAS

yay!!!! Carlton Hotel lunch box at HAS #HsinchuAmericanSchool #CarltonHotel #LunchBox 耶!!!! 卡爾登飯店餐盒在新竹美國學校 #新竹美國學校 #卡爾登飯店 #午餐盒

10/5 Parent Letter-Student Activity and Parent Association Fees

Dear HAS Parents: It is that time of year again when we collect the Student Activity and Parent Association Fees. We collect these fees during 1st Quarter and always in cash so that Student Council and Parents will have the necessary funds to support their many activities during the school year. Please have your student return the fees to Ms. Kelly by October 16. Thank you for your support of these key organizations on campus. Sincerely, Darin L. Murphy, Head of School 親愛的家長您好 又到了收取學生活動和家長會年度費用的時候了。 我們將於學年的第一季以現金方式收取費用,以便學生會和家長會有足夠的資金,來支持運作整個學年的活動。 懇請您讓孩子在10月16日之前,將費用繳交給Ms. Kelly (Room 301)。 感謝您對學生會及家長會的支持。 敬祝 安康 總校長 Mr. Murphy

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