1/18 Celebrate the 100th day

👧🧒The elementary students celebrated the 100th day of school by sharing their collection of 100 items. Toothpicks, pom poms, chocolate chips, and UNO cards made it to the list! Then, together in groups they raced to see if they could write a list of 100 words! They are 100 days smarter! 😊 #Celebrate🎉 #100th day🔖 👧🧒小學部孩子們,分享著他們為慶祝開學100天收集來的物品。像是牙籤、毛線球、巧克力脆片、UNO牌卡都在收集名單之中! 接著他們還分組進行了”寫出100個單詞”競賽,如果能填寫出100個單詞就表示他們將會聰明100天! 😊 #慶祝🎉 #第100天🔖

1/17 G8 Literature Class "The Tell-Tale Heart"

The 8th grade literature class put the narrator of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" on trial today. For two weeks, they have been preparing and evaluating evidence from the text to determine if the narrator, who admitted to murdering his friend, could legally be held accountable for his actions. They needed to answer three basic questions: 1. Is the narrator legally sane or legally insane? 2. Is he a credible witness or an unreliable one? 3. Is he guilty or not guilty? For each question, some students acted as experts who presented arguments to support their positions while others took notes as the jury, who voted to determine the answers to each question. At the end of class, the

1/16 Celebrate the 100th day of school

To celebrate the 100th day of school, the fifth grade students brainstormed acts of kindness and decorated quilt squares for the 100 Acts of Kindness Quilt. Some of their ideas were singing Happy Birthday, helping someone learn a new skill, and tutoring someone. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 為了慶祝開學100天,五年級的學生們開始腦力激盪,想用100個善舉來裝飾手中的被子方格。 他們的想法有哪些呢?!有些人想法是唱首生日快樂歌、有人想幫助某人學習新技能,還有些學生想在課業上輔導他人。

1/6 Community service certificate

Days before going for the community service, we’re very curious about the paint wall activity. Times went so fast to the day painting wall, looking at students paying so much attention to the instructors teaching them how to put bricks and cement onto the wall. We’re once even thought about picking strawberries, however, as time passed through, everyone was enjoying the joy of painting wall. By Steven Hou😃 在我們要去參加社區服務的前幾天,便開始好奇要如何將磁磚貼在牆壁上呢?時間過得很快,到了社區服務這天,服務處的輔導老師,指導我們如何調和水泥及貼磁磚,我們也都非常仔細聆聽著。隨著時光的流逝,我們一整天都沉浸在這活動的樂趣之中,都忘了我們一開始還計畫要去採草莓呢!

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