12/19 Christmas party

On Dec. 19, HAS had their annual Christmas party🎄🎉. The students had a great time decorating gingerbread men and eating them. The students also opened gifts🎁 from their Secret Santa and were delighted with the surprises that they unwrapped. It was a great Christmas celebration for both students and teachers. 12/19 HAS舉行了今年的聖誕節派對🎄🎉,活動由學生們手作彩繪薑餅人展開序幕,然後品嚐自己彩繪的成果,每位學生都玩得相當開心。緊接著所有學生齊聚聖誕樹下,開打了他們拿到的聖誕禮物🎁,打開禮物的剎那讓他們既驚喜又高興,相信這次的聖誕節活動讓學生和老師們一起度過了一個很棒的歡樂時光。

Build your child’s dream future! !!

Build your child’s dream future! !! An authentic American style education and environment that encourages students to be independent and have better problem-solving instincts. Cast aside Taiwan’s traditional teaching styles and inconsistent learning requirements. Let your children have a solid connection to world-renowned universities in the future. 為你的孩子開創夢想未來!! 純正美式教育與環境,小班制個人化教學,鼓勵學生自主學習、培育發掘問題的本能。擺脫傳統填鴨式與不確定性的教育環境,讓孩子直接銜接世界知名大學! Hsinchu American School is now accepting students for the 2nd semester! Location: No.6, Yih-Shuh Road, Hsinchu City 30067 TEL 035203211 新竹美國學校熱列招生中 新竹市藝術路6號 招生專線 03 520 3211 https://www.has.hc.edu.tw/

THIMUN Singapore

From November 17 to November 23, four students from the Model United Nations (MUN) club attended THIMUN Singapore. Ariel Chen served as the head chair of General Assembly 3, and worked hard to manage a room of about 50 delegates from all over the world. Ethan Murphy, Ethen Chiu, and McKenzie Chen represented the country of Israel in three separate General Assembly committees, where they worked to draft, revise, and pass resolutions related to the conference theme. At the end of each day, students also got to enjoy Singaporean cuisine and several popular tourist attractions, including Marina Bay Sand, the Night Safari, the Singapore Flyer, and Universal Studios! The THIMUN Singapore conferenc

12/15 Community service event in Miaoli

On December 15, 2019, there was a community service event in Miaoli to help out eden social welfare. 👧🧒The students were given a challenging💪 but fun task, they were assigned to help create a big mural by sticking tiles on the wall with concrete. There were lots of different jobs the students could do, such as cutting the tiles into smaller pieces, sticking the tiles onto the wall, or even mixing up the concrete mixture. At the end of the day, the students created not just a big mural, but a work of art. 😊Everyone enjoyed the experience and they hoped they can do it again sometime in the future. 12/15 我們的社區服務志工隊👧🧒協助伊甸福利基金會到苗栗出任務,這是一個有趣且充滿挑戰💪的任務,學生們必須使用混凝土,將馬賽克磁磚以拼貼方式,創作一副大型壁畫。這次每位學生都體

12/05 Winter Performance

We had our annual HAS Winter Performance and it was a smashing success.🎉🎉🎉 This year we raised over $60,000 NTD to donate to World Vision! The students showcased their remarkable talents through songs, dances, acting, and humor. It was an unforgettable way to celebrate the Christmas Season in Hsinchu. 🎅🌲🎁🧸🎅🌲🎁🧸🎅🌲🎁🧸🎅🌲🎁🧸 2019年新竹美國學校冬季表演大成功!🎉🎉🎉今年由學生社區服務隊發起的愛心慈善募款活動,一共募集了超過6萬元,於晚會中捐贈給台灣世界展望會。學生們以輕鬆溫馨的方式,透過舞台表演,充份展現各項才藝、歌唱、熱門舞蹈…等。讓我們度過了一個有義意又非常難忘的聖誕季節。 🎅🌲🎁🧸🎅🌲🎁🧸🎅🌲🎁🧸🎅🌲🎁🧸

HAS is excited to announce the opening of its new student dormitory for second semester.

The Hsinchu American School is excited to announce the opening of its new student dormitory for second semester, 2019-2020 school year. The 1st day of the semester is January 6th. There are single or double rooms, each with their own private bathroom. Situated just across the street from the school, the dorms provide a secure and convenient environment to achieve academic success at a fully-licensed and WASC accredited international school. With separate male and female dorm facilities, a common cafeteria, a comfortable reception area, and a convenience store, the HAS dorms will be a home away from home for students living outside the general Hsinchu area. Please contact the school’s admiss

11/28 Thanksgiving Day

Nov. 28, at HAS we had our annual Thanksgiving celebration potluck lunch. All of the students and teachers helped contribute to the lunch. This was an amazing experience for students, parents, and teachers to enjoy this American tradition. After the lunch both students and teachers participated in a traditional American football game. This was yet another great Thanksgiving celebration here at HAS. 🌽🍗🍕🥗😃❤️ 11/28在HAS舉行了一年一度的感恩節午餐盛宴,全校學生和老師們都精心準備了相當美味可口的餐點。 這次的活動對於所有的學生、老師及家長來說,是一次美國傳統文化的最佳洗禮。 餐會後,學生和老師們進行了一場傳統美式足球比賽。再次體驗了很棒的感恩節慶祝活動。 🌽🍗🍕🥗😃❤️

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