11/25 Science Fair Award

Nov. 20~21 HAS conducted an annual Science Fair. The competition was fierce! Every student put in a big effort to showcase their work. The list of winners is out! 😃Let us congratulate the winning students.🎉 11/20-11/21 HAS進行了一年一度的科學博覽會,這次競爭相當激烈,每個學生都使出渾身解數,將自己感興趣的主題,從實做中展現具體的成果。 😃得獎名單出爐嘍!讓我們恭喜得獎的學生🎉 🏆【Grade 1st -4th 】 1st Place- Suri Liu Honorable Mention - Alice Azalea Gibbon Honorable Mention - Yuan Heng (Henry) Gau Honorable Mention - Yu-Tzu (Yuki) Lai 🏆【Grade 5th - 6th 】 1st Place - Edison L. Chi 2nd Place - Zi-Ning (Charlize) Liu 3rd Place - Yuan Jen (Eugene) Gau Honorable Mention - Amy Han 🏆【Grade 7th - 8th 】 1st Place - Erwyn Murphy & Cheng-Kai (Jacob) Chiang 2nd Pl

11/14 Parent Teacher Conference

On Thursday, November 14 we had our second Parent Teacher Conference at HAS. This is always a very beneficial time for parents and teachers to have one on one conversations about our student’s academic progress. Both teachers and parents look forward to this time to ensure that everyone is on the same page and our students are receiving proper support. This is an excellent time for us to make sure our students are on the path to success. 11月14日星期四下午,HAS舉行了本學期第二次的親師會。 這樣面對面的溝通模式,讓家長們和老師能夠根據學生在校的學業表現,瞭解孩子的學習狀況, 老師與家長們同步掌握孩子們的學習,並且適當給予學生需要的支持協助。藉由這樣的機會,能夠確認學生們在學習上走向成功的道路。

11/14 College Visit - Temple University, Japan Campus

Temple University Japan Campus came to visit HAS today. This is an American university that also has a campus in Japan. Temple University Japan Campus is very unique because the student population are largely there due to their passion for Japanese culture, and most of the students are actually American. This university gave our students some good insight into different global opportunities for them and how they can transition from university into successful careers.

11/10 Banqiao Marathon

Last weekend 11/10, Ben, Richard, David, Kelly and I participated in the marathon for 10k, Richard and David were given by award as being the top runners (they finished the marathon within an hour) and today, everyone have DOMS leg after running for 10k. By Hannah Lee

11/05 College Visit - University of San Francisco

University of San Francisco visited HAS in November 5th, 2019. The representative talked about the admissions and the scholarship program. She also mentioned one of our alumni, Eric Sung, applied the scholarship, now is doing great at USF and in enjoying his college life.

2019 Homecoming

On November 1, HAS had our 2019-2020 homecoming dance at Carlton hotel. All students and the chaperones enjoyed the gourmet food, and had fun at the ball room. It was a beautiful starry night.

2019 Science Fair

Dear Parents, Here at HAS we encourage innovative thinking, problem solving, and scientific inquiry, and we try to provide a platform for our students to showcase these skills. Our annual Science Fair is a chance for our students to do this. The HAS Science Fair is an opportunity for students to investigate scientific questions and communicate their conclusions in a variety of ways. This year, HAS will be hosting its annual school-wide Science Fair on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 (middle school) and Thursday, November 21, 2019 (high school) from 12:05pm-3:05pm. Every student at HAS enrolled in a science course is participating in the Science Fair. They have been diligently working over the p

2019 Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch

Dear HAS Families, Hsinchu American School is holding its annual (and very popular!) Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, November 28th at 11:20am in B1 and you are all invited! The event is a potluck and always has lots of delicious food. It's a great time to share together and to give thanks for everything we have as a community. We will begin serving lunch at 11:20am. Following lunch, we will be having a school football game where both teachers and students will participate in. Buses will run as normal at the end of the school day. We ask that students and parents prepare a dish to share at the event. Portion sizes for each dish should serve approximately 12-15 people. Food contributions have

11/14 Parent-Teacher Conference

Dear Parents and/or Guardians, We would like to invite you to attend Individual Parent-Teacher Conferences here at HAS. These meetings offer you the chance to meet privately with your child’s teachers to discuss how they are settling into the school year, review their progress, and consider their next steps in their educational experience. Parent-Teacher Conferences are held on Thursday, November 14, 2019 from 4:00PM-7:00PM. Appointments are by drop-in only and translators will be available if necessary. We look forward to seeing you there! Sincerely, Mrs. Wilson HAS Vice Principal 親愛的家長及監護人您好: 新竹美國學校邀請您參加個別家長座談會。這是一個很難得的機會,您可以跟孩子的老師們討論,孩子開學以來新學期的適應狀況,檢討目前的進度,以及規劃接下來的學習計畫。 家長座談會將在2019年11月1

2019 Halloween Party

Today we participated in Halloween celebrations at HAS. This was a fun experience for students of all ages. Students got to take part in various different activities such as a costume contest, egg drop activity, paper tag, and the always popular “Candy Rain”. It was a great start to our Fall celebrations here at HAS.

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