2019 Hsinchu Citywide Swimming Competition

The HAS Swim Team participated in the 2019 Hsinchu Citywide Athletic Competition from September 21st to 22nd. The Swim Team won 3rd place for the High School Men’s Group Performance. They also won four medals and nine awards. Good job Swim Team! The following are the results: 【High School Female Group】 6th Place 50 Meter Freestyle - Evonne Hsu 6th Place 100 Meter Freestyle - Evonne Hsu 【High School Male Group】 1st Place 50 Meter Freestyle - Wen Chuang 2nd Place 50 Meter Butterfly – Wen Chuang 3rd Place 50 Meter Butterfly – Ian Hsu 7th Place 50 Meter Freestyle - Ian Hsu 4th Place 100 Meter Freestyle – Wen Chuang 2nd Place 100 Meter Butterfly – Ian Hsu 5th Place 200 Meter Breaststroke – Erwin

9/26 Parent-Teacher Conference

On Thursday, September 26 we had our first Parent Teacher Conference here at HAS. This is a special time for parents to be able to have individual conferences with all of their child’s teachers, and to discuss not only their academic progress, but also how they are doing socially. For this conference we had an amazing turn out, and it was a great experience for both parents and teachers! Overall, it was a very positive experience focusing on the student’s academic improvement, as well as their ability to speak English. It was a great time where teachers and parents got to come together to help support our students, and to better ensure their academic success.

9/20 Lock-In

We had another successful Lock-In party over the weekend at HAS! This event is one of the most memorable and popular events of the year. The Student Council worked hard to plan all of the activities and make the necessary preparations, including spending time cleaning the grills, shopping for food, and many meetings to ensure that everything was in order. The night started off with a group assembly and voting in of the new house members. Then, the students separated into their houses and participated in different team building activities. For dinner, the students helped prepare a rooftop barbeque. After dinner students joined in different activities, such as karaoke, video games, and a vari


這學期學校聘請『車庫餐廳』結合在地小農,一起為全校師生供應營養美味的午餐。以下是車庫餐廳的自我介紹: 【起源。初心】 在熙熙攘攘的科學園區內,一棟矗立三十餘年的老建築物,原為管理局公務車保修廠,於2016年10月展拓了全新面貌,以「崇尚自然、重視來源、嚴選好食材」這般健康飲食概念作為初心,我們叫他「車庫餐廳」。 【農業。生活】 現代人腳步太快,知道的太多,但對生活卻懂得太少,忙碌之下往往忘了要好好吃一頓飯。車庫餐廳希望每位朋友都能善待自己的身體、善待生活的土地,久而久之,就會成就天然的大地,形成自然的正向循環。我們以照顧家人健康的心,嚴選台灣無毒栽種食材,使用最單純的料理方式,不含化學添加。 【美食。自然】 料理,就是日常三餐,更是生活。除了對食材來源與輕料理方式的堅持,用餐空間同顯重要,於是我們將大自然意象搬進了餐廳! 我們相信速度能決定看多少風景,而植物則讓我們慢下來欣賞眼前的片刻,我們採用大面積的對外落地窗,引入自然光線跟視野,使室內外風格共享連動,充滿慢食慢活的悠閒氣氛。 【人文。科技】 一踏入車庫餐廳,溫暖的感覺來自於對自然材質的偏愛。我們與築樂居設計團隊,除了選用溫潤質樸的木材讓空間更加暖心,更選用OLED健康光源,從象徵友善大地的大樹意象中片片垂落,讓追求健康無添加的用餐環境更添亮點。OLED健康光源有接近太陽自然光的高顯色特性,呈現食材的原色,加上餐廳堅持的輕料理方式,完整保留食材與自然光源,給人舒適的五感體驗。 【春分。芒種】 再往內走會遇到兩個充滿現代感的車庫包廂,分別是春分與芒種,代表農事生活的辛勤插秧與美好收割,同時,採用象徵車庫的方格鐵窗來營

9/17 College Visit

On Tuesday, September 17 Plymouth State University and Saint Anselm College visited HAS. These visits allowed the students to hear about universities that are not as large as some, which means they can offer smaller class sizes, more scholarships, and a family environment. This can be important to our students here at HAS, as many of them will be attending universities abroad. The college representatives also gave the students valuable information about applications, internships, community service, and general location information. These visits help our students to be well informed and are invaluable to helping them pick their perfect university experience.

2019 College Fair in TAS

A dozen HAS high school students attended a college fair at the Taipei American School on Saturday, September 14. Over 100 college and university recruiters from around the world set up booths, handed out flyers, and answered questions for students from across Taiwan. Although lines were long for certain popular universities, our students were able to talk to recruiters from many of the schools they intend to apply to. Accompanying the students was Mr. Murphy, this year's college counselor.

9/26 Parent-Teacher Conference

Dear Parents and/or Guardians, We would like to invite you to attend Individual Parent-Teacher Conferences here at HAS. These meetings offer you the chance to meet privately with your child’s teachers to discuss how they are settling into the school year, review their progress, and consider their next steps in their educational experience. Parent-Teacher Conferences are held on Thursday, September 26, 2019 from 4:00PM-7:00PM. Appointments are by drop-in only and translators will be available if necessary. We look forward to seeing you there! Sincerely, Mrs. Wilson HAS Vice Principal 親愛的家長及監護人,您好: 新竹美國學校欲邀請各位參加本學期的個別家長座談會。建議您利用這個機會,跟老師們討論孩子開學以來的適應狀況,檢視他們學習的進度,以及規劃接下來的學習計畫。 家長座談會將於2019年9月26日,下

2019 College Visit

This week at HAS we have had the opportunity to receive college representatives from three excellent universities: University of Massachusetts Amherst, California College of Arts, and the University of British Columbia. This has been a great opportunity for students to learn about international education at the collegiate level. These university representatives not only offered information about their schools, but also helpful application tips, portfolio assistance, and career and location advice as well. This helps the students during their decision-making process, giving them the information and insight they need to make the right choice for their academic future. Overall, it was a great e

2019 Lock-In

Dear Parents and/or Guardians, The Lock-In at HAS is finally here! The Lock-In will take place September 20, 5:00 PM-September 21, 10:00 AM for Middle School and High School, and from 5:00 to 9:00 PM on September 20th for Elementary students. The Lock-In is a tradition here at HAS, and it is a great way for students to bond and build a family environment. The Lock-In will include a number of activities for the students to participate in, such as team building games, team competitions, video/board games, reading and much more! Students may bring their own books, handheld games, or other card/board games. The Student Council has spent a lot of time and energy planning this event for our studen

2019 MAPs (9/11~9/19)

Students at HAS will be participating in Measure of Academic Progress (MAPs) testing, which will take place twice a year, September and April, and is for students who are in first-tenth grade. This is a computerized test that is Common Core based and covers the subjects of Math, English, and Science. The test is adaptive to each student’s performance and level and modifies accordingly to show student growth. This means that the test adjusts to each student’s individual response creating a personalized test for every person taking it. This will help not only assess the level of the students, but also help teachers and administrators to better plan curriculum and instructional strategies to me

2019 Student Council Retreat

Over the weekend Student Council got to go on their annual retreat, which took place in Yilan. Students stayed in an Airbnb to cultivate a family environment and they participated in a variety of different activities. This was a very special time for the students to bond through team building exercises, orientate new members to their constitution, and plan their events for the year. In the evening, students barbequed their own food for dinner and roasted marshmallows over a fire. It was a great time for students to connect with one another and to establish their activities and events for the year.

HAS Dormitory will be Ready for Next Semester!

Many of the visitors who have attended our school's open houses have frequently asked about the dorms that we are building next door. Now we are happy to announce that HAS dormitory will be ready for next semester! Our dorm is located in the National Art Park, and the best part is that it is right next to the school! The location is convenient for students to be on time and be very involved in our extracurricular activities that we host after school. The dorm has 18 bedrooms (10 for male students, and 8 for female students). We can accommodate a total of 36 students. Each bedroom is built for two students which is much like a college experience. They include: two single beds, desks, cabinets

Community Service—Packing Mooncakes for Charity

In an effort to fulfill required CS hours, 14 HAS students contributed their time to a charity organization on August 31st, in Taichung. The students packed thousands of boxes of freshly baked mooncakes. Ethan Murphy, the school’s community service coordinator, contacted Eden Social Welfare (伊甸 organization) for available services and scheduled an event in a 7-story factory in Taichung. With not many other volunteers at the mooncake factory, our school was allocated 1400 mooncakes to package and load into more transportable packages. Our student volunteers, and Mr. and Mrs. Stancati, the chaperones, took on piles of mooncakes, packing each of them individually into containers of eight. Accor

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