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Dear HAS Students and Parents,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the upcoming school year at Hsinchu American School (HAS).  We are very excited for the year ahead, as we hope to guide and facilitate the academic and personal development of all members of our community.


We are a locally licensed school that is officially accredited with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This accreditation process is a school-wide initiative, and allows us to constantly review and reflect on our goals as a school to ensure we are evolving and growing each year. We are continually engaged in a review process where our student’s academic and personal growth remains as the foundational goal of our institution. 


Here at HAS, we pride ourselves on offering a unique educational experience that delivers high quality instruction and lessons from professional educators from around the world. Our small student to teacher ratio forwards our students the opportunity to thrive in a close-knit environment, and a student based classroom experience - where our teachers are committed to facilitating the academic growth of each individual student. 


We are deeply appreciative of all those who contribute to our school community, and continue to join us on our school’s journey. We are all excited for the upcoming year, and are proud to call ourselves the HAS Wolves. 



Mitchell Hall

Associate Principal 

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